A Selection of my paintings. Please click on thumbnails to see larger versions. Reminder: These are all copyright Angela Gladwell

Many more of my paintings in various categories have been imaged for Giclee printing. Subjects including natural history, costume, water, still life, landscape and portrait.

Rock Pool series

Kelp at Aberystwth
watercolour 80cms x 56cms

Also as Giclee print
Pink Kelp and lichens rock pool watercolour 36 ins x 26 ins
Pink seaweed
watercolour 39 ins x 26 ins
Kelp Pool
26 ins x 38 ins oil on canvas
Kennack Stream
Oil on canvas 38 ins x 50 ins
Rippling Weed
watercolour 30 ins x 22ins
Flying Kelp
watercolour 22ins x 30ins
Rock Pool Crackington Haven watercolour 39ins x 26ins
Also as giclee print
Sea Tree.
Watercolour 22ins x 30ins
Manorbier Beach.
Acrylic 22ins x 30ins
Green Stones
acrylic 14ins x 14ins
Shadow over the Pool.
watercolour. 22ins x 30ins
White Lichens, Crackington Haven.
oil on canvas. 32ins x 48ins
acrylic 39ins x 26ins
Pink Lichens.
Oil on canvas 28ins x 40ins
Manorbier Panorama
Oil on canvas
24ins x 78ins
Sandworm Trails
Oil on canvas
26ins x 34ins
Kennack Stream
30ins x 22ins

Also as giclee print
Silurian Pool
Oil on paper
22ins x 30ins
Rock pool Devon. Oil on Canvas 26ins x32ins

Also as Giclee print
The Pool Ceredigion Oil on Canvas 23ins x 31ins.

Also as Giclee print
Flowing Kelp watercolour
30ins x 22ins

New paintings 2020-2021 and new paintings 2023-2024 of the demolition at Deacon's yard in Kington Herefordshire.

Fish skeleton and beach debris. Watercolour 29ins x 33ins
Plastic on the beach at Borth. Oil on canvas 32ins x 24ins
Hercules (Capitoline Museum sculpture). Oil on Canvas 24ins x 39ins
The Periwinkles Oil on Paper 24ins x 34ins
Sea wall no 4 Oil on canvas 32ins x 24ins
Stones and seaweed. Watercolour and pencil
39ins x 26 ins
The Bubbles
Oil on Canvas
31ins x 31ins
Jenvey plate
Deacons Demolition 1
Decons Demolition 2
Deacons Demolition 3
Deacons Demolition 4
Deacons warning sign
Deacons Office awaiting demolition

Vienna Paintings.

Vienna Fragment 2
oil on canvas 28ins x 35ins
Includes plain black frame.

All these 4 VIENNA paintings are available as Giclee prints
Vienna Fragment 1
Oil on canvas 28ins x 35 ins
£2100 includes plain black frame
vienna fragment blue 1
Oil on canvas. 28ins x 35ins
Including plain black frame
vienna fragment blue 2
Oil on canvas 28ins x 35ins
£2100 Including plain black frame

Water paintings

Water at Hampton Court Herefordshire
Oil on canvas
76cms x 60cms
Fountain at Welsh Botanic Garden Watercolour 33cms x 100cms
Fountain at Grasse
Watercolour 80cms x 56cms
Not for sale.
In the Fish Troughs
Watercolour 80cms x 56cms
Water puzzle 1
Oil on Canvas
33ins x 46ins
4 Ways water puzzle 2
Oil on Canvas
33ins x 46ins

Landscape Panoramas

View from the Castle to Cricket Ground
oil 153cms x 122cms
Sold to Hastings Museum and Art Gallery
Hastings Panorama:
View over the Old Town.
Oil on canvas 9ft x 3ft
The Farm at Pett
Oil on canvas
8ft x 2ft

Also as giclee print
Eastbourne Beach
Oil on canvas
122cms x 130cms


By the River Wye at Hereford
Oil 90cms x 70cms
Gloucester Dock Reflection
Oil 90cms x 70cms
Lunsford Farmhouse
Oil 100cms x 98cms

Also as giclee print

Marina's Shop

The Wall: Marina's Shop No 1 watercolour 39ins x 26ins
The Wall: Marina's shop no 2 Watercolour 39ins x 26ins
The Wall: Marina's shop no 3 Oil on canvas
31insx 31ins. £ 1960
The Wall: Marina's shop no 4 Oil on canvas 31ins x 31ins
Marina's shop no. 6
Watercolour 22ins x 30ins
The Wall: no 5
Watercolour 22ins x 30ins

The Costume Museum and the Natural History Museum

Costume museum. oil on paper 26ins x 39ins

Also as giclee print
Allosaurus 1
22ins x 30ins
Allosaurus 2 Oil on Paper
22ins x 30ins
22ins x 30ins